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Welcome, my friend. I’m Nancy Hausauer, an energy healer for nearly 25 years. In the hugeness of the Internet, I’m so glad you’ve found me.

I work with people who for whatever reason have been called to a healing journey, one which can lead to deep personal and spiritual growth. Often, such people have grown weary of living in the shallows of life, but don’t know how to go deeper.

How does this call to spiritual growth show up? Here are some of the ways you can recognize it:

  • feeling dissatisfied with your life
  • feeling that something is missing
  • feeling that something isn’t working right
  • being in physical pain
  • feeling “blue” for a long time
  • anxiety
  • feeling stuck
  • feeling exhausted or depleted
  • seeking but never finding help in the medical or psychological professions
  • experiencing multiple serious illnesses or accidents
  • having been presented with extraordinary challenges in life.

My work helps people explore and accelerate their healing path. It helps them discover and claim more meaning, depth and poetry in their lives.

During our sessions, I create a portal through which most are able to connect with non-ordinary aspects of reality that rarely are experienced or even discussed in our culture—what I call the Energy, although there are many names for it. For someone who has been called to a spiritual path, this can be deeply healing.

At the same time, this work also helps people in their daily lives. It can help them

  • break through blocks
  • navigate challenges and transitions
  • achieve greater clarity and insight
  • accelerate personal growth
  • reclaim intuitive gifts
  • learn to live more comfortably with a strongly empathetic heart
  • heal physically and emotionally
  • live more vibrantly
  • bring their uniqueness and gifts more fully through into the world
  • experience transformative new paradigms of themselves and the world
  • renew a sense of wonder and magic
  • be more comfortable in their physical bodies and more at ease in their minds.

Each session with me is unique, an adventure co-created by you, me and Source Intelligence.

Examples of some good uses of my work might be:Energy healer Nancy Hausauer at work

  • You are seeking support for life transitions and challenges, such as a serious illness or injury, a career transition, divorce, impending parenthood, loss of a loved one, etc.
  • You are seeking clarity and insight into a particular matter or for life in general.
  • You would like a breakthrough or transformation in some area of your life.
  • You are exploring a new direction in life (or would like to).
  • Your life feels out of balance, and it’s taking a toll on you.
  • Something is missing or not working in your life, but you can’t put your finger on it.
  • You would like more joy and aliveness in your life.
  • You feel stuck and would like to find a new approach or solution to a problem or situation.
  • You would like to bring your gifts and potential more fully into the world.
  • You’d like support for realizing a vision, goal or dream.
  • You’d like support for connecting to a higher intelligence or love.
  • You’d like help infusing your career with more meaning.
  • You’d like to heal on a deep level.
  • You would like to access more of your creativity.
  • Stress, anxiety and worry are keeping you from fully embodying your essence.
  • You would like your outer life to better reflect your inner life.
  • You would like to explore the roots of chronic pain.
  • You would like to experience greater physical wellness.
  • You are feeling overwhelmed because you are too sensitive to other’s feelings.
  • You would like to reclaim intuitive or psychic gifts that you had as a child but were taught to repress.
  • You are looking to re-connect with the sacred dimension in your life.

Of course, these are just examples. Anyone who feels strongly called to work with me is welcome. If you have questions, please contact me at 253-686-1214. Please note that at this time, I only work in person, and that I am currently booking appointments for August 2018.

An Energy Healing Educator As Well As An Energy Healer

If you want to learn more about energy healing, please take advantage of these resources that I offer to make it more accessible to people.

Wishing you light, Nancy

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