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Nancy Hausauer, laughterPeople sometimes want to know a little more about my background, so here it is.

I’ve studied and practiced energy healing since 1993. I got into it because of an untreatable medical problem my daughter was born with. Energy healing proved to be amazingly effective, and I’ve been on this adventure ever since.

Having practiced it for so long, my work has evolved into being unique, so I can’t say that I practice any particular kind of energy healing. What I can say is that it’s had a profound effect on my life, and so I’m passionate about sharing it with others.

Besides practicing, I also write extensively about energy healing (I was a professional writer for many years before taking up energy healing professionally). I am the author of the book Chakra Care: Do-It-Yourself Energy Healing For A More Joyful, Loving, Fruitful Life. I also maintain a substantial website about energy healing, The Energy Healing site, and write a weekly blog about energy healing. At present over 45,000 visitors per month from around the world use these free resources.

As a practitioner, my primary goal is to guide powerful individuals who have the potential to change the world through transformative processes of healing, spiritual expansion, and reclaiming inborn gifts of courage, creativity, insight, intuition and magic.

Who are these “powerful individuals” I refer to? You, just to give one example! (We are all powerful and creative beyond belief.

Nancy and Annie on top of the world

I have a lot of life experience. I’m married to a wonderful man who absolutely supports me and with whom I share my spiritual journey. I’m a devoted mother and daughter. A gardener. A lover and creator of poetry. Animal lover, hiker, ritualist, altar-builder, ordained minister, devotee of Tahoma (Mt. Rainier). I believe that we are put here on this earth to grow spiritually. And to help each other.

I live and maintain my my practice in Tacoma, Washington. A big reason for this is its proximity to Tahoma, also known as Mt. Rainier. It is a live volcano and a sacred entity of great power. The city of Tacoma (named after the mountain) is strongly within its energy field. Tahoma is my church, and I go there as often as I can. On the walls of my treatment space I display photographs of the sacred Mountain taken by my husband, photographer Dane G. Meyer. These photographs help to bring the powerful energy of the Mountain into my sessions.

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