About Energy Healing Sessions With Nancy

Thanks for your interest. I have temporarily suspended my practice due to Covid-19.

Individual energy healing sessions sessions are focused on personal and spiritual growth,  life issues, and healing. I listen carefully to your needs and intentions. Thus each session is uniquely balanced to support and amplify your own healing and development.

In sessions, I follow my intuition. Through deep presence, I stay open to Source and follow the  information and promptings that come from that. And I work interactively with my clients, taking cues from their energy, what they say, somatic responses, and minute changes in the body or subtle energy. Each session is an intuitive, co-creative, completely one-of-a-kind  adventure.

In my work, I seek to empower people to heal themselves , work with their own energy, and transform their own lives. I do this  through teaching new skills and perspectives, helping people shift consciousness and perspectives and open to new paradigms, and by engaging people in the session itself. This spirit of teamwork and joyful co-creation is something I consider essential to true healing, growth and empowerment.

Energy healing session with Nancy Hausauer

Energy healing sessions may include energy healing (of course!); breath-work; visualization; guided meditation; somatic awareness (mind-body work); and teaching about energy, how it impacts your life and how to manage it. All as determined by your needs and goals.

I work with various aspects of your energy system, including your field, meridians and chakras.

Sometimes I work without touching your physical body.
Other times, I will do energy work through the physical body. This gentle, subtle work uses the body as a portal to emotions and energy and a gateway to expanded consciousness. The body too is an energy-form, inextricably interwoven with our minds, our emotions, our lives and our subtle energy. Often our emotions and even our souls speak to us through the body, using the non-verbal language of somatic sensation. Our wise, incorruptible body can steer us toward essential information that we need to incorporate in order to be whole, authentic, fully realized.

The Flow of Energy Healing Sessions

In the first portion of your appointment we will discuss your concerns and intentions. We can also discuss energetic issues that may be having an impact on your life or health. I may also teach you self-energy-healing tools and techniques that you can use at home to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and development. This first portion of the session usually takes longer on your first visit.

The middle portion of the session may be spent in more detailed consultation about your energetic and life concerns and/or in direct treatment (as determined by your needs and preferences).

At some point, most people do want to move to the treatment table. You will lie down comfortably, fully clothed, and relax. Working with intuition and what I sense in your energy field, I will support your specific intention, as well as promoting the more comprehensive goals of harmony, stability, balance, and flow within your energy field.

Beyond this, on a foundational level, I always aim to help you experience your body more fully and consciously. Often people are able to move beyond that to direct experiences of the “world beyond the world,” the beautiful subtle energy (or life force or consciousness) that is our source. These experiences are healing on a very deep level.

During the session, I may talk to you about what I am sensing, or I may remain quiet. You can ask me questions while I work, if you like. I will do my best to put into words what I am sensing and doing. However, if I sense that verbalizing is over-activating your thinking mind, I may encourage a more silent process.

Nearly all recipients feel a deep state of peace during a session. Many people can feel me working with their energy–which in itself can be a life-changing experience. Many of my clients have visual experiences or break-through insights during their treatment. Some feel changes while on the table, while others may feel changes later (even days or weeks later). Whatever you feel or don’t feel is normal and OK.

The last portion of the session may be spent in asking questions or sharing about the session, and/or in suggestions for self-care aimed at empowering you to sustain your own health and wholeness.

First-Time Clients

If you’re a first-time client please go to the menu tab that says “First Visit.” There you will find my policies and links to my intake forms. Please download them, fill them out and bring them to your first session with me.

Please note that I require 48 hours notice of cancellation, and that I charge $100 for late cancellations or missed appointments.

I recommend that you wear loose, comfortable clothing. If you are coming straight from work, you may want to bring more comfortable clothing to change into.

I recommend that you arrange your schedule so that you have a couple of free hours (or more) after our session, which I suggest you spend in an atmosphere of peace, quiet and rest.


I generally schedule energy healing sessions from Tuesday through Friday, with my first appointment at 9:00 a.m. and my last beginning at 4:00 p.m. Please call me at 253-686-1214 for an appointment.

Please note that I only work in person. I do not do distance work.

Scheduling and Changing Appointments

Please schedule and change appointments by telephone at 253-686-1214. I may not receive email or Facebook messages in a timely way. (Again, I require 48 hours notice of cancellation or I must charge you for your appointment.)

Fees and Payment Methods

I charge $150 per session. I accept cash, checks and credit/debit cards.

Although I maintain a certain number of slots for clients at a lower rate so that people from many walks of life can experience the benefits of energy work, these slots are currently full.

Is Working With Nancy For Me?

Examples of some good uses of my work would be:

  • You are seeking support for life transitions and challenges, such as a serious illness or injury, a career transition, divorce, impending parenthood, loss of a loved one, etc.
  • You are seeking clarity and insight into a particular matter or for life in general.
  • You are exploring a new direction in life (or would like to).
  • Your life feels out of balance, and it’s taking a toll on you.
  • You’d like a breakthrough or transformation in some area of your life.
  • Something is missing or not working in your life, but you can’t put your finger on it.
  • You would like more joy and aliveness in your life.
  • You feel stuck and would like to find a new approach or solution to a problem or situation.
  • You would like to bring your gifts and potential more fully into the world.
  • You’d like support for realizing a vision, goal or dream.
  • You’d like support for connecting to a higher intelligence or love.
  • You’d like help infusing your career with more meaning.
  • You’d like to heal on a deep level.
  • You would like to access more of your creativity.
  • Stress, anxiety and worry are keeping you from fully embodying your essence.
  • You would like your outer life to better reflect your inner life.
  • You would like to explore the roots of chronic pain.
  • You would like to experience greater physical wellness.
  • You would like to explore the spiritual aspect of life.
  • You are feeling overwhelmed because you are too sensitive to other’s feelings.
  • You would like to reclaim intuitive or psychic gifts that you had as a child but were taught to repress.
  • You are looking to re-connect with the sacred dimension in your life.
  • You just feel that something’s missing but you can’t put your finger on it.

Of course, these are just examples. All individuals who feel called to work with me are welcome. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 253-686-1214.

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