Client Testimonials

A Sampling of Responses from My Clients

Here are some of the things people have said about my work:

“I’ve had monthly appointments with Nancy for over 5 years. I continue seeing her because she’s facilitated significant physical and emotional healing in my life, as well as meaningful spiritual growth. Her inclusive style has empowered me and has shown me that I am a partner in my own healing. She provides a safe environment, insight, and an extensive skill set. Additionally, she’s grounded, authentic and has a beautiful heart. Together, her skills and her caring spirit have meant the world to me. I highly recommend her.”

“I move into a deep state of relief every time I work with Nancy. I know really good energy is at work here. Nancy takes times to do a life check in in advance and tailors her energy work to whatever is coming up, so the work is directed as well. She is for real and for anyone considering this work, Nancy is a really good choice.”

“Your positive attitude, generosity and open-mindness along with your great efforts and  dedication are true examples. Thank you for being your truest you and keep sharing the beauty of your Soul with the Universe.”

‘Nancy is a wonderful, warm person who has helped me become more open and peaceful. Through sessions with her I’ve gained a much deeper understanding and awareness of myself. Her work has made a positive difference in my life.”

“My body, mind and spirit always feels awakened after your healing hands.”

“Thank you for all that you add to the journey.”

“…real, honest, educational, loving.”

“Feels like the universe giving me a hug.”

“Your Knowledge is exceptional and I highly admire it.

I don’t know what you did to me, but I feel like myself again! I have more energy than I’ve had in a year.”

“My whole body feels fluid, and that’s not something that someone with fibromyalgia gets to say very often.”

“If I were a cat, I would be purring right now.”

“My body feels alive again!”

“Coming to see you regularly is the best thing I ever did for myself.”

“After our last session, I went home and made revisions to my novel for pretty much two days non-stop.”

“Amazing session! I feel like I got my body back.”

“I had many insights while I was on the table.”

“I was waiting to hear back from two job interviews, and felt like I was vibrating with anxiety. Now I feel calm and grounded.”

“I felt like I was able to let go of my burdens, which finally allowed me to have a good night’s sleep.”

“I had stomach problems for months, and after our session they never came back. I attribute it to your work.”

“My physical therapist was amazed at how fast my shoulder recovered from surgery.”