What Can Energy Healing Do For Me?

Energy healing benefits people in a wide variety of ways. Some are obvious, physiological, and documentable, while others are more subtle or anecdotal. My sessions promote wellness for the whole person — physical, mental, emotional and  spiritual.

It’s beautiful to be able to watch people expand spiritually and step more fully into their highest potential. This work is an invitation

  • to reclaim your connection with the Sacred;
  • to expand and shift your conscious awareness and transform your everyday life;
  • to experience healing on a deep level;
  • to cultivate insight and intuition.
  • to reconnect with peace, magic and wonder;
  • to break out of the too-small energetic container that most of us confine ourselves in and
  • bring your essence, your unique gifts, more completely into the world;
  • to live a deeper, richer, more meaningful life.
  • My clients often directly experience the energy—other dimensions of reality and self. There is a profound liberation that comes from the radical shift in consciousness that energy healing can facilitate. It can help you free yourself from limiting interpretations of illness, dying and death. From restrictive ideas about the body, mind and consciousness itself. From confining views of our own inherent power and what is possible in creating our bodies and our lives. From the deep sense of loneliness and disconnection that many in our society feel. Most importantly, I think, energy healing benefits us by freeing us from socially learned paradigms of what reality is. This liberates the awe-inspiring creative force of reality-making that we all carry within us.
  • I also am often able to facilitate an embodied experience of mind-body connection for clients, which helps them tap into the vast power they have to influence their own physical health.
  • While the heart of my work is spiritual, it often has profound benefits for the physical body as well. Energy healing often invokes a deep, healing rest. This allows the body to work as it should, the nervous system to re-set, and the energy to come into greater balance and flow. This alone enables the physical body to work optimally and to heal at a rapid rate.
  • Many clients come to me exhausted. Often they are so used to it, they don’t even realize how depleted they are. For these people, sessions usually have one of two results. Either they feel refreshed and revitalized, or they go home and sleep. If it’s the latter, it’s because they really, really need it, and the session clears whatever block they have against getting that rest. Often energy healing seems to work in that way, removing blocks that we have against important self-care.
  • I often work with specific areas of pain in the physical body, with good success. Beyond the obvious benefit of reducing or eliminating pain, this work gives people a direct experience of the unity of body and mind (the mind-body connection) and also can serve as a portal to deeper insight and understanding. The physical body is part of our energy system, and we can access hidden information through it. The more subtle aspects of our energy system can also be influenced through the denser physical body.
  • While I make no promises about major health issues, in some cases outcomes can be improved, including faster recovery from surgery and physical trauma.
  • Energy healing benefits extend far beyond the physical body, though. We all crave clarity, insight and perspective on our lives, which can feel chaotic and bewildering when we’re in the middle of them. Clients often get this clarity during sessions, which can deepen self-knowledge, open new possibilities and help them recognize and shift self-defeating patterns.
  • We also have all had the experience of feeling “stuck” in some aspect of our lives. It’s frustrating and demoralizing. Clients often find that they are able to get “unstuck” and move on in important areas of their lives.
  • Many of my clients have intuitive gifts that were repressed at some point (usually childhood.) Many others are desiring to open to and grow their intuitive gifts. I offer a safe space to amplify and explore intuitive and psychic gifts.
  • Many of my clients are also intuitive empaths. It’s a beautiful gift, but it can be exhausting. I help people explore what it means to be an empath, introduce important concepts, and teach some of the special ways that empaths need to manage their energy in order to thrive and not become overwhelmed or depleted.
  • Energy healing benefits the emotions as well. Often clients experience improvements in anxiety and depression. (Note: energy work is a complement, not a substitute for treatment by a mental health professional.) Difficult life transitions, including grief, can be eased by regular energy work. Unfounded, limiting fears can be seen for what they are. And in the safe, unconditionally accepting atmosphere of my treatment room, my clients often find greater self-acceptance and self-love.
  • Energy healing benefits also spill into clients’ lives, which is no surprise, since your life is not separate from you, it is you. Some of the life enhancements that clients have experienced are opening to love, increasing their pleasure, healing emotional wounds fEnergy healing benefits our whole lives, not just our physical bodies. (Sitting on a rock in the Paradise River)rom the past, improving relationships, overcoming fears, branching out into new activities and friends, pushing through sticking points, transforming or re-inventing aspects of their lives, improving their health by changing their behavior, generally finding greater balance and harmony, rapid personal growth, renewal of hope and a sense of possibility, and a gentle, natural opening to life and its glorious potential.
  • Many of my clients are highly creative, both in the arts and in other fields. Energy work can support creatives by helping to remove blocks and feeding the inner fire of creativity.
  • When clients wish, I often teach energy healing techniques for personal, at-home use. I am also open to mentoring clients who are interested in learning to do energy healing for others.

An experience of the world beyond physical matter is something that people rarely realize they are missing—until they experience it, and it transforms their whole way of looking at the world. Likewise, people usually aren’t able to articulate that they need their energy balanced, cleared or harmonized. They just know they need “something.” But when their chakras are balanced, blocked energy is released, and their field is smoothed and harmonized, they look and feel very different. And experiencing the energy directly can be nothing short of transformative.

Also, here are some client testimonials.

Energy Healing Benefits and Uses: A Caution

My work is intended as a complement and enhancement to, rather than a replacement for, conventional medicine. While receiving treatments from me, you should always continue to seek and follow the advice of your regular M.D./D.O., psychotherapist, chiropractor, physical therapist, or other qualified medical practitioner.

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