Energy Healing Case Studies From Tacoma Energy Therapies

Everyone likes stories, right?

So here are links to a few energy healing case studies about energy healing sessions that I’ve Nancy Hausauer, doing an energy healinghad with people. Each session was a great privilege to be a part of.

The links will take you to my informational website about energy healing. I created it and maintain it as a gift to the global energy healing community, to help make energy healing more widely accessible.

These teaching stories, written for my website, were chosen to illustrate particular points about energy healing. Not all are sessions are this dramatic. People’s needs, desires and capacity for shifting energy in any given session vary, so in some cases the effects happen more slowly, with the outer signs of the energy shifting happening over a longer period of time.

They are published with the permission of the clients, with names and any identifying details changed, of course.

Energy Healing Case Studies

Energy Healing Comforts A Mother’s Broken Heart

A mother’s heart gets unexpectedly made whole in this view into an actual energy healing session.

Revealing Hidden Self-Criticism: An Energy Healing Story

An account of an energy healing session that revealed hidden self-criticism, helping the client heal emotionally and claim greater self-respect.

Switching The Joy Circuits On

My client—who had been dubious about energy healing—switched what she called “The Joy Current” ON.

The Injury That Held Its Own Healing Force

Illustrating the amazing power and wisdom of the energy field  and the importance of staying open to its guidance during an energy healing session.

The Shoulder That Was Stuck In The Past

Bringing an injured shoulder into the present. Different ways of perceiving energy. Why less tangible benefits of energy healing are often the more important.

Past Trauma Released In An Instant

As this energy healing case study shows, releasing emotional pain and trauma from the past doesn’t ALWAYS have to take years of struggle and analysis.

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