Frequently Asked Questions About Energy Healing

Is energy healing safe?

Energy work is generally very safe. The way I practice is particularly safe, because it is working primarily with your own energy. It can only amplify your own processes, not introduce new or foreign ones.

Will it hurt?

I’ve never seen energy work hurt anyone. I strive to make each treatment a relaxing and pleasant experience, as well as being healing, clarifying and elevating.

How Do You Define Healing?

My work does not follow the traditional medical model. I believe that peoples’ energy systems, including their physical bodies and emotions, are designed to heal themselves. The way we recover from both broken bones and broken hearts is nothing short of miraculous.

And yet it perfectly ordinary, too. It is what we are designed to do. Therefore, if someone is not healing, the question to ask is: “Why not?” “What is the obstacle?”

I believe that all healing is self-healing. Therefore, I do not focus on curing or fixing what is “wrong” with people. Of course, if someone comes to me with a specific problem, I’ll do everything I can to help relieve their suffering and speed their recovery.

But my main focus is not on “curing.” Instead, I work to amplify people”s natural self-balancing abilities, to remove obstacles to healing, and to support people in living their precious lives to the fullest.

This often results in people feeling much better. It also allows the process to remain open for unexpected, wonderful things that are far beyond just fixing the immediate problem.
In essence, I view my work as a spiritual, rather than a medical process.

How Do I Know If I Would Benefit From Working With You?

The best way to determine that is by talking to me. Give me a call — 253-686-1214. I only do in-person sessions, by the way.

Should I continue to see my doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, or psychological therapist?

Yes, absolutely. My treatments should be viewed as a complement, rather than a replacement for, traditional medical and psychological therapy. You should seek and follow the advice of your regular doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, dentist, or psychological therapist. If any advice or suggestions I give you conflict with those of your medical/psychotherapy practitioner, you should follow their advice over mine. I will be happy to confer with your doctor(s) if you desire.

Do I have to undress?

No. For energy work, you will only need to take off your shoes and perhaps your belt and jewelry to make yourself more comfortable. I recommend that you wear loose, light, comfortable clothing for your treatment. If you are coming straight from work, you may want to bring more comfortable clothing to change into.

Is energy healing compatible with my religion?

In doing energy healing, I do not appeal to any particular deity or religion, so in my mind it harmonizes with any religion. I see energy work as being more a question of world view and reality-constructs — more about philosophy than theology. Of course, you will have to make that determination for yourself, but I don’t see why it shouldn’t be compatible with your religion.

How can I learn more about energy healing?

Visit The Energy Healing Site, my informational website about energy healing that is used by 45,000 people per month around the globe.

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