Nancy’s Philosophy of Healing

My Philosophy And My Pledge To You

Kwan Yin: A Compassionate Philosophy of HealingEnergy healing works from a different model of the body than conventional medicine. Most conventional medicine views the body basically as just physical matter, organized into a machine. Energy healing sees the body as consciousness, information, and energy. It recognizes that there is much more to you than just your physical body. Energy healing works with this “more” –the parts of you that you can’t see or touch–to support and amplify your health, healing, and personal growth

My work does not follow the traditional medical model. My philosophy of healing presumes that peoples’ energy systems, including their physical bodies and emotions, are designed to heal themselves. The way we recover from both broken bones and broken hearts is nothing short of miraculous.

And yet it perfectly ordinary, too. It is what we are designed to do.

I believe that all healing is self-healing–but we all need some compassionate help with that from time to time.

When someone comes to me with a specific problem, I’ll do everything I can to help relieve their suffering and speed their recovery.

But my main focus is not on “curing.” Instead, I work to amplify people”s natural self-balancing abilities, to remove obstacles to healing, to support people in living their lives to the fullest, and to help them reconnect with the Sacred and open themselves to different ways of experiencing themselves and the world.

This usually results in people feeling much better physically. But the emphasis is different. It’s more about going to the root of the problem than about band-aiding symptoms.

I also believe that peoples’ thoughts play a huge role in their wellness or non-wellness. Therefore I strive to be extremely positive in everything I say and even everything I think during a session.

At its heart, my energy healing work aims to help people satisfy spiritual thirst and heal spiritual wounds. We all long for meaning in our lives. We all want to feel that there is more to life than just work during the day, TV in the evening and chores on the weekend.

We want a sense that we are more than fancy machines and that we are connected to something greater than ourselves. Whether or not we would put it this way, most of long for a connection to the Sacred, to Spirit. This is the underlying purpose of all my work.

You can read more about my philosophy of healing and the core principles that inform my work here.

My Pledge To You

You can count on me

  • to hold you in an attitude of unconditional positive regard.
  • to see you as a spiritual being first and foremost.
  • to regard your prospects for complete wellness and evolution in the best possible light.
  • to regard your life-path as sacred.
  • to place my attention primarily on what is RIGHT with you, rather than what is wrong with you.
  • to hold a strong intention for your highest potential.
  • to keep our sessions confidential.
  • to be both compassionate and fully present during our time together, to the best of my human capability.

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Namaste, Nancy

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